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    Fram Petit, Photography

    Kotryna Zukauskaite, illustration

    John Cizmas, Photography

    Black Magic Retouch, Retouching

    Annabelle Petit, Makeup

    Bill Lusk, Photography

    Mauricio Restrepo, Art Direction

    Lissa Hahn, Photography

    Akane Nakamura, Illustration

    Kirsten Ulve, Illustration

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    Featured in PhotographyPhotography portfolio of David Vaaknin
    David Vaaknin - Jerusalem, Israel - David Vaaknin is a freelance photographer based in Jerusalem, Israel. As an experienced photojournalist, he incorporates a reportage style and aims to maximize the use of natural light in his editorial and commercial assignments. He specializes in environmental portraiture, landscape, travel, and lifestyle photography. His clients include IBM Systems Magazine, Monocle, Ernst & Young Exceptional Magazine, and Cooking Light Magazine. His photojournalistic work has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and BBC News.

    Featured in IllustrationIllustration portfolio of Michael Morgenstern
    Michael Morgenstern - Cherry Hill, New Jersey - As an illustrator for many magazines and book publishers, Michael Morgenstern was selected as one of the “Best 200 Illustrators Worldwide” and one of the “Best 200 Digital Artists Worldwide” by Luerzer’s Archive. Art directors say they like his conceptual approach, fantastic landscapes, and intense colors. He illustrates each week for The Economist’s “Banyan” section and the Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Opinion” page. Some of his other clients include Adobe, Random House, Farrar Strauss and Giroux, Sherwin Williams, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, and Utne Reader.

    Featured in MotionMotion portfolio of Paolo Nobile
    Paolo Nobile - Milan, Italy - Paolo’s ability to shoot the kind of pictures that make you hungry, combined with his knowledge of the film language, results in breathtaking video. What attracts him to motion photography is the possibility to convey a wider story about the subject that can be emotionally amplified by a piece of great music. His past clients include Chronicle Books, Gourmet, Lavazza, and Barilla.

  3. brianmichaelbendis:

    Bill Sienkiewicz 1990: Classics Illustrated #4: Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

    When First Comics and Berkley Publishing joined forces to revive the venerable Classics Illustrated series, Sienkiewicz was attracted to the prospect of adapting a classic book to help transform the image of the comics medium:

    More than anything, the superheroes have perpetuated this perception of the medium as being just for children. But that’s like saying, ‘There are only these kinds of movies’ or ‘There are only those kinds of movies,’ and then along comes Citizen Kane. To me, the comic-book medium is a way of using words and pictures together to say more than either the words or the pictures alone.  

    [emphasis added]

    — Entertainment Weekly

    (Source: comicartistevolution)

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  5. This is great <3

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  7. Graphic Design on Dripbook&#160;: : Gefin Design | Illustration | Mont-royal, QC, CA

    Graphic Design on Dripbook : : Gefin Design | Illustration | Mont-royal, QC, CA

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    Featured in PhotographyPhotography portfolio of Petra van Raaij
    Petra van Raaij - Berlin, Germany - Petra van Raaij is a Berlin/Cape Town-based Fashion Photographer, originally from the Netherlands. She first discovered her passion for photography while studying Fashion Design at the School of Fine Arts in Maastricht. Petra shoots internationally and specializes in lingerie, swimwear, and beauty. Preferring to shoot on location and in natural light, her images show a great sensitivity and have a dreamy, sensual feel. Her clients include Elle, Acuvue, Marie Claire, Gala, Mirage, Swarovski Parfum, LTD, Glamour, Seventeen, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and Blue Fire Co.

    Featured in IllustrationIllustration portfolio of Kotryna Zukauskaite
    Kotryna Zukauskaite - Vilnius, Lithuania - Kotryna Zukauskaite is a freelance illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania who is represented by Joanie Bernstein. Her work is both graphic and conceptual, and is made of vector forms filled in with scanned hand-made patterns and textures to yield a hybrid of collage and digital precision. Kotryna specializes in editorial, popular science, academic, and corporate publishing illustration, and her client list includes The Washington Post, Variety, Morningstar Advisor, New Scientist, Scientific American, Appelberg, Brunswick Review, and Random House.

    Featured in MakeupMakeup portfolio of Rouge Awakening
    Rouge Awakening - Los Angeles, California - Dianna Esteves Vieira of Rouge Awakening is a makeup artist based in LA and NYC who specializes in holistic beauty. Her unique approach to skin care and beauty stems from organic, nutrient enriched foods, toxic free cosmetics/products, and clean living. She uses practical elements to obtain an ‘inner glow’ and achieve youthful, red carpet-ready skin. Her clients include CNN, Astrella Musical T’s, Tantalum Magazine, Hey Dude Shoes, Factice Magazine, and Mario Joyner.

  9. Illustration on Dripbook&#160;: : Anthony M. Grimaldi | Illustration | Maspeth, NY, US
Anthony M. Grimaldi on tumblr: journeymandesigns

    Illustration on Dripbook : : Anthony M. Grimaldi | Illustration | Maspeth, NY, US

    Anthony M. Grimaldi on tumblr: journeymandesigns

  10. Illustration on Dripbook&#160;: : Debut Art 10 Illustration | Yehrin Tong | 30 Tottenham Street, United Kingdom

    Illustration on Dripbook : : Debut Art 10 Illustration | Yehrin Tong | 30 Tottenham Street, United Kingdom

  11. moarrrmagazine:

    Tricky 3D watercolor paintings by the New York based Brasilian artist Marcelo Daldoce.

    This is awesome

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    "Dripbook makes customizing and promoting portfolios easy. I appreciate the simple drag and drop image upload and the wide range of well-designed templates." - Jing Jing Tsong

    Jing Jing Tsong on tumblr: jingjingtsong

  13. Illustration on Dripbook&#160;: : Jing Jing Tsong | Editorial | Kailua-kona, HI, US

Jing Jing on tumblr: jingjingtsong

    Illustration on Dripbook : : Jing Jing Tsong | Editorial | Kailua-kona, HI, US

    Jing Jing on tumblr: jingjingtsong

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    Featured in PhotographyPhotography portfolio of Mark Mawson
    Mark Mawson - London, United Kingdom - Mark is a London based photographer with 25+ years of experience. His images have a cinematic style and he is particularly known for his atmospheric underwater fashion images and a colorful liquid series titled ‘Aqueous’. He also shoots motion and an ‘Aqueous’ video was projected onto the walls of London’s Buckingham Palace as the backdrop to The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert in 2012. His clients include Sherwin-Williams, GAP, Havaianas, Bacardi, Sony, and IMAX.

    Featured in Fashion StylingFashion Styling portfolio of Rebecca Jefferson
    Rebecca Jefferson - Los Angeles, California - Rebecca Jefferson is a Los Angeles based wardrobe stylist who is known for her innate fashion sense and passion for her craft. Her keen eye and creative talents have allowed her to thrive on both ends of the styling spectrum, from working with international brands like Hanes on yearly campaigns as a creative director/wardrobe stylist, to dressing clients for the red carpet of the Met Gala. Some of the celebrity clients that Rebecca has worked with include Kris Jenner, Jurnee Smollett, Vanessa Simmons, Rachael Taylor, Rob Kardashian, and Damian Marley.

    Featured in IllustrationIllustration portfolio of Echo Chernik
    Echo Chernik - Issaquah, Washington - Echo Chernik is an instructor and internationally award-winning illustrator of advertising, packaging, covers, posters, and products. She also has a significant fine art career, bringing her vision of art nouveau to the public. Her works are figurative themes with soft textures and organic lines juxtaposed with ornate vector elements and patterns. She begins in graphite on vellum before scanning and painting digitally, balancing raster and vector techniques with precision. Her clients include Celestial Seasonings, McDonalds, Miller-Coors, Penguin Publishing, Jose Cuervo, and Pernod Ricard.

  15. Illustration on Dripbook&#160;: : Stephen Foster Studio | Storyboard Color | Lake Bankson, MI, US

Stephen Foster Studio on tumblr: dodah1

    Illustration on Dripbook : : Stephen Foster Studio | Storyboard Color | Lake Bankson, MI, US

    Stephen Foster Studio on tumblr: dodah1